What Is The Bully Awareness Program?

The bully awareness program is extensive. It offers in-depth training and key information to be effective in teaching children and adults.

Bully awareness Mission

The mission of Bully Awareness is to get everyone to realize and understand they can be confident and happy in their own skin without living in fear of names or labels. They will have the means to be strong, mentally, physically and emotionally. Nobody should be a victim or live in fear. YOU can do anything YOU want and BE who YOU want to BE! We envision a society free of child abuse that promotes the positive care of children and youth and effectively addresses the epidemic of child abuse.

Building Awareness Education Program
who are you? Are you ready to make a difference?

“If you are a fitness, nutrition, therapy, wellness or health professional the world needs more people like you who can help with the bullying problem in our world. This is a lucrative business opportunity that helps people in mass!”

Introduction to Bully Awareness

This program was created because of the staggering statistics that show children, (YES!!) as young as 9 years old, taking their own lives, due to the fact they have no one to talk to about something, or are too scared, nobody will listen or they don’t want to be labeled a “tattletale” or “crybaby”---or just the fact they have NO IDEA what steps to take to handle a stressful, dangerous or physical situation. Often frustration is a feeling many victims feel and Merriam Webster dictionary defines frustration as this:

A feeling of anger or annoyance caused by being unable to do something, or something that causes feelings of anger and annoyance.

Suicide is the third leading cause of death among persons aged 10-14, second leading cause of death among persons ages 15-34 and fourth among persons ages 35-44.

Males take their own lives nearly four times the rate of females and represent 77.9% of all suicides.

Both frustration and suicide are parts of the equation when it comes to people being bullied.

Let’s get clarification on the actual meaning or definition of bullying

One habitually cruel to others who are weaker

An intentional act that causes harm to others

So that should give you a really strong grasp of what the term bullying means. If this program can give people the confidence, power and focus to stand up for themselves and others in any type of intimidating situations, then we have achieved our goal. It is important for people, young or old, male or female, to realize there is only one person who is going to take care of them and it’s THEMSELVES.

We have to know where to draw the line-knowing what is just plain fun and tom foolery and what is hurtful, harmful bullying. The old adage,”It’s not WHAT you say, it’s HOW you say it” is really powerful when it comes to discussing the effects of verbal bullying.

I guess in our own way, we have all been bullied in one way or another, and we may have not realized it. But somewhere inside me, I feel something deep happened that has fueled my passion to create this program. It has also fueled my growth in regards to fitness, health and my continuing studies of the martial arts.

Upon completion of this course, besides having a clear understanding of what bullying really is, you will have an understanding of how to use the power of your EYES, plus the power of your BODY LANGUAGE and how to effectively use YOUR VOICE.

I believe you will have the confidence and skills to defend yourself in any of life’s situations whether verbal, physical or other. Once you understand the simplicity of some of the self-defense concepts of martial arts, you may be excited to pursue it further. But even if that is not your focus, the ease of defending yourself against wrist grabs, bear hugs, choke holds, and
Perhaps even 2 on 1 attacks will open your eyes.

This class will also instill in you the confidence to enter a room or walk down the street, shake a hand and walk with your eyes forward, and be confident in any stressful situations. Aside from all that, you will be able to defend yourself, your loved ones and realize that the tools you need are right inside you. Most people, especially young adults, are unaware of what they have inside them to deal with stress and situations, and YOU as trainers or educators, will not only make them aware of this, but will also instill in them the PASSION and excite them with the possibilities.

You will learn some basic self-defense techniques that ANYONE, will be able to do. When you realize that the reaction time is the key component, combined with your knowledge of knowing how to respond, the FEAR factor seems to be irrelevant. We are building a house, so to speak, so the fundamentals will be introduced here…..just as if you were participating in a martial arts class. But then we will also get into the clarifying with the term “bullying” means, as well as bringing up some statistics in regards to male and female bullying, the different types of bullying, the suicide rate, especially among children.

And to wrap it all up, we will have handouts and contact/outreach places for people to go or call if they have problems.

I will talk a little bit about why I got into martial arts and how it helped build my inner strength. Bullying is a type of abuse and like any other type of abuse, when we don’t have an outlet for our anger or emotions, then we make tend to sometimes, make bad choices. I think what I went through can help others relate.

The strongest tools for defense are already instilled in us. We are, very rarely ever shown how to use them. It’s our eyes, our voice and our body language. This will be discussed in another part of this training.

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