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By Megan H., Colorado Springs, CO

We must learn how serious this is before we get started! You have the power to change lives & that is what the Bully Awareness Program is all about! This is ONE of many TRUE stories.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012, will forever be a day my senior class will remember with heavy hearts. It’s the day we lost a member of our class to suicide as a result of ­bullying.

On August 6th, the second day of school, Devin bumped into another student and gave him the finger. The other kid wanted to fight. When Devin went home instead of going to the park to fight, the boy and fifty other students went to Devin’s house and stood outside chanting his name and saying mean things.

Devin tried to call the police but couldn’t get through on the non-emergency line. He didn’t think he should call 911 because he didn’t need an ambulance. Devin also called our school’s resource officer. That night after the students left his house, Devin was mocked on Facebook for not fighting. The next day at school, he and the other boy met with an officer to discuss the situation.

Devin was a friend to many, an acquaintance to some, a smiling face in the hallway to all. Then in an instant he was gone. When his family got home that day, kids were again outside the house yelling that Devin was a coward for not fighting. They told the kids to go home or they would call the cops. When his parents entered the house, they found Devin’s body. Overcome with shock and grief, Devin’s mother came outside in tears and screamed at the kids that Devin had killed himself.

That night, everyone heard the sad news on Facebook. Our class decided to wear blue in memory of Devin. It was shocking to see how many took part, especially given how many kids had been at Devin’s house just the night before, taunting him.

Our school held a candlelight memorial. Devin’s family attended and thanked everyone for coming together to remember Devin. As the theme song from the movie up played, we released blue balloons with messages to Devin written on them.

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