Kenpo Kombat Bootcamp

This in an intense, fun, 
challenging and doable class 
for all fitness levels--just go at your own pace.

We combine high intensity interval training (also called high-intensity intermittent exercise or sprint interval training, a form of interval training, a cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods, until too exhausted to continue) 
You will be punching a bag, lifting weights, throwing around a kettle bell and moving your body in a variety of directions - you will be amazed at what you find you can do.

There is also a strong focus on core(which is simply performing specific exercises to strengthen the muscles of your core. In general, your core is all of the muscles of your midsection. This includes muscles in the front, sides and back of your midsection, as well as many muscles that you can't see.

Plus boxing and self defense skills, that you can easily understand and perform.   The key to any type of self defense is REACTION and CONFIDENCE.
This is all set to music with 150-160 beats per minute which challenges you to get lost to the beat and get moving in a good comfortable rhythm.

Call to see when group classes are happening, but this is also a class where it can be done with just one person.

12  classes for $180 
Each additional person $25

Call today to schedule your free class!

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