Bully Awareness Program

What is the Bully Awareness Master Trainer Program about?

This program was created because of the staggering statistics that show children as young as 9 years old, taking their own lives, due to the fact they have no one to talk to about issues, or are too scared, or just the fact they have NO IDEA what steps to take to handle a stressful, dangerous or physical situation.

The mission of the Bully Awareness Program is to get everyone to realize and understand they can be confident and happy in their own skin without living in fear of names or labels.

This course is broken into three training modules, all approximately two hours long.  The first module discusses what bullying is, with a clearer definition, and the why's of bullying - what causes people to bully and the types of bullying.
The second module discusses a variety of empowering exercises and techniques to deal with bullies through the use of body language, voice tone and use of the eyes

The three module is more of a hands on approach that deals with the physical part of bullying, ie. grabs, chokes, shoving, bearhugs to name a few.  It shows that NOBODY should be a victim while driving home the point that ANYBODY can do these techniques.

With interactive drills throughout the course, it helps people understand the whats, hows and whys of bullying so they do NOT have to live in fear.

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