I am a Colorado Springs personal trainer, a Woodland Park Colorado martial artist, a very creative Colorado cook, a big animal lover, a competitive bodybuilder and within the last 5 years, a bit of a spiritualist.  I look upon each day in Colorado Springs as a new challenge - what to do, what goal to surpass, and yes, how to make someone else smile. Years back, I discovered a CD called "The Secret"... in essence, what it boils down to revolves around The Law of Attraction - what you put out (energy wise), is what you get back...believe it or not, it's amazing what changing your thought process can do for your outlook on life. Taking care of your mind, body and soul in Colorado Springs is easier said than done. The basics, I feel, should include: some type of Colorado exercise, not ONLY to stimulate your muscles, but also your endorphins, as well as the mind. The world today is stuck in such a rut, to the point where the mind or brain is tired from working, thinking and sitting all day while the body doesn't get much exercise.

My tip to you - really see and take in what is around you and don't take it for granted--there is beauty in everyone and everything we see-sometimes you have to look a little deeper than just whats on the surface. Eat a bit cleaner- drink at least 64 ounces of water, get in more fruits and vegetables and less processed foods. Read the label on foods you DO buy, especially watch for the sodium and sugar contents. Take a good multi vitamin. Sleep is also an important factor, but this is even more harder to come by than doing some of the other things I suggested. Deal with what is in the past and then release it forever. Live in the moment, and yes, PLAN for the future, but don't get absorbed in it. We can only do today what we are able...

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