The Colorado Phoenix Project - Boxing Gym and Safe Zone

Improving the lives of
at-risk persons through fitness and mentoring.

We are a 510(C)3 Non-Profit

Boxing Gym | Safe Zone
Woodland Park, CO


Changing lives of the young and not so young though building strength (mental, physical, emotional).

Help individuals deal with: Stress, anger, and depression.

Employ local mentors from throughout the community to help community members and each other.


Have a lasting impact for years to come. It offers people the opportunity to NOT just think about HOW they can change their lives, but it also shows them HOW.


Various levels of sponsorship/donation are available.
Just ask how you can help.
All donors will be recognized.
Tax-deductible IAW tax laws.

Income-based Fees: The cost for each participant will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, so the clients who need martial arts can get into the gym, even if they wouldn't have had the funds otherwise.

Boxing Gym | Safe Zone
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Woodland Park, CO

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