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Hello and thank you for visting  It's about everything that I am involved in and my 3 CORE businesses in Colorado Springs and Woodland Park, Colorado.

What I am involved in is a healthy lifestyle.

I have been told that I need to just devote my time and energy to one passion, but how can you when they all intertwine together.  Food, fitness, martial arts - they all run together as a pack.

#1: PHOENIX FitnessTM of Colorado Springs

My personal training center, and this site will offer you information on personal training packages, the many areas of personal training we can cover, healthy food choices, tips and recipes and show you how Affordable a personal trainer can be.

#2: Kenpo Karate of Woodland ParkTM

What is Kenpo? Well, the style I teach is Ed Parker American Kenpo  I have been practicing martial arts, in various forms, for over 20 years, and I am super passionate about--it is a form of martial arts that is very user friendly and easy to understand.  It is not high flying, karate chops, spins or kicks.  It is about learning awareness, building self confidence, sharpen your instinct..........It teaches manners, discipline, how to rely on YOURSELF in any type of situation.  It is practical in every day life for anyone, any age, lifestyle or fitness level.

#3: DINE By DesignTM

Dine by Design is a catering company that dabbles in foods that are healthy and nutritious to foods that are, sooo sinful, and naughty but damned tasty.  I have created wedding cakes since I was 18 and my passion is in desserts, more specifically, CHOCOLATE.....Attended the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park right out of high school--gave me the basics to follow whichever path I wanted to in the hospitality/food industry.  I really enjoy creating small intimate cocktail parties, doing tapas parties, dessert parties, but LOVE to expose customers to new taste sensations, pairings and combinations.  I have more to offer than a vegetable tray or spinach dip....Let me create something for you....

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