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Experience top rate Colorado martial arts instruction at my Colorado Kenpo Karate center located in beautiful Woodland Park, Colorado. Instruction is also offered in Colorado self defense, and other Colorado fitness specialties.

Kid Confidence TM is HERE! Colorado Springs field trips to your school or at our downtown Colorado Springs center!


A Self Awareness Self Confidence Program in Colorado Springs, CO

Kid Confidence combines the tools of self awareness and self confidence WITH some basic self defense skills. Common terms are "anti bullying" or "bully awareness"... but confidence is the key to anti bullying in Colorado Springs or anywhere you happen to live or work.

This program introduces the superhero, Kid Confidence, but with a twist. There is no ring, no gadget, no phone booth, no shouting to the gods above, no special uniform, special vehicle or a partner--the truth is, Kid Confidence is the superhero in ALL of us. He does, however, have superpowers, but then again, we all do. His special powers are his VOICE, his BODY LANGUAGE and his EYES.

Kid Confidence is actually any child out there who knows how to use the special powers they already have inside. For those who haven’t realized this yet, this is how our anti bullying program in Colorado Springs can help. When the power of the voice, eyes and body language combine, they instill a power inside that person that nothing can compare to.

Children in Colorado Springs or nationwide need to understand what bullying means, what types of bullying there are, and the difference between bullying and playing and what constant bullying can lead a person to do. Young adults need to be able to confidently know that they are able to deal with some of these situations thru proper instruction. Anti bullying is being toted nationwide and rightly so.

Colorado Springs children need to have the confidence to either deal with the situation themselves or be able to go to any authority figure such as a teacher or coach, parent or pastor, and tell them about a bullying situation and actually have their voices be HEARD.

Everyone in Colorado Springs, Colorado or anywhere in the world needs to understand the seriousness of bullying, the actions of bullies, and verbal threats, and not just ignore bulling and hoping it will go away. There are serious side effects for children - and adults - such as lowered self esteem, depression, increased anger, problems with school and social situations, and even doing harm to one's self - or worse - if not handled properly. Children, young adults and older individuals in Colorado and nationwide need to be able to deal with a Colorado bulling situation, immediately if necessary, so they do not become a victim to other bullying attacks.

Our program is easily adaptable to kids and young adult, and the general public. Bulling happens to adults too in work settings and home and online.

In this Colorado anti bulling program, there are no quizzes, or fitness tests, or prerequisites, just a desire to grow strong and learn how to stand up for who you are.

We will encourage children to have respect for themselves and others, know how to use their own unique “superpowers” and realize how they can help themselves and others in bulling situations.

Children have a voice and they just need to learn how to use it. Within our class, we will go thru a variety of real life bulling situations to get children to understand how to use their powers, skills, and confidence to help their friends also be more aware of bullying. They will learn how to be an “upstander” and not a “bystander".

We will not only work on their physical strength, but also mental and emotional strength. When children have a problem such as bulling situations or threatening situations, but no where to turn, and when they feel no one listens to them, it can be very frustrating. When they do not have the means of dealing with this frustration, sometimes the choices they make are not always for the better. Some of these choices unfortunately involve hurting themselves, or worse, suicide. Suicide rates are growing in Colorado Springs, and nationwide, and is a very real side effect of bulling and abuse.

This program can be taught anywhere to anyone, If you are interested, please give me a call to set up an appointment and more information.

We are offering In-School field trips where Kid Confidence comes to you! OR... come to our downtown Colorado Springs location for a one-on-one or GROUP field trip, or fir a Kid Confidence birthday party for your son or daughter and their friends.

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Kenpo Law #9: Flexibility

Welcome to , home of Kenpo Karate of Woodland Park, Colorado Springs and PHOENIX fitness of Colorado Springs

The law of flexibility is the law of survival. Kenpo is unique in that it adapts to your build, personality and spirit. If you stand 4 feet 10 inches tall, it makes little sense for you to focus on kicking when your greatest strengths may be mobility and quickness.
 If you are a 110-pound woman, it makes little sense for you to grapple with a 230- pound assailant. The old kenpo masters showed their wisdom when they proclaimed that in a fight for your life, you should use what you know best and forget about the sanctity of the style. Every practitioner has different attributes that can make him or her effective.

A tall person with long legs may have an advantage with kicking; a short person may have an advantage with his hands; and a heavy person may have an advantage in grappling. The law of flexibility allows them all to develop their own repertoire of techniques from within kenpo.

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